Retirement Plan Risk Review

Managing an employer-sponsored retirement plan is usually not the top priority for the HR Manager, CFO, CEO or other individuals tasked with the job of plan governance. However, managing a retirement plan involves liability (for decision makers), a risk that can be mitigated if a prudent plan management process is implemented. Often times, it is assumed that the service providers are the ones assuming the fiduciary risk and, unfortunately, this is seldom the case.

RetireRight Pittsburgh has developed a process based on 20+ years of experience helping plan sponsors manage their risk. After helping review documents and processes, we conduct a comprehensive analysis that documents what you're doing right and where there are gaps that could possibly open you up to liability.*

We then generate a Plan Success Probability Rating based on all the information we've collected and reviewed. This rating serves as a guide regarding the success and risk potential of your plan. With this information, we can suggest strategies for any plan gaps and suggest courses of action towards plan success based on the rating.

There is no fee for this independent plan risk assessment. Please let us know if you'd like us to contact you for a full review.


*We do not provide legal advice. Please seek legal counsel prior to making any legal decisions.