Participant Services

For the retirement plan to be a successful benefit program, employees must feel empowered and on-track for a successful outcome. A retirement plan that is properly designed and effectively communicated to participants can significantly improve employee morale. This will allow an employer to attract and retain qualified employees, while providing financial benefits to both the individual and the corporation. Our proprietary process is personalized for each of your employees.

We help employees understand any potential gaps in their retirement plan using proven strategies and ongoing education to keep them on track. We build our relationship with your employees on the principal foundation of trust. Once trust has been established we are able to implement meaningful changes to improve retirement readiness.

We understand the importance of personal communication. Retirement planning is a personal endeavor that requires unique attention and individualized advice. With this in mind, we offer our education services on site and in person through both group and individual education meetings.

Finally, we put an emphasis on our proprietary report card, which helps your employees understand the progress that has been made and where they may want to focus going forward.